The Real ‘Back To The Future’ Toyota SR5 Used To Be Driven By Mexican Drug Dealers

This is the only surviving Toyota pickup truck from the Back To The Future trilogy, Marty McFly’s personal ride when he wasn’t time-travelling with that DeLorean.

The Aficionauto channel brings us the story of the iconic movie car, a 1985 Toyota SR5 Pickup Truck shown in part 2 and part 3 of the movie franchise.

With the original truck of the first movie given away and sadly crashed afterwards, the only other Toyota movie car was gone until 2012 when it was located wearing an ugly orange paint job and being used as someone’s daily driver.

The story says that at some point the truck got stolen, ending up in Mexico at the hands of a drug cartel. Luckily for the then-owner, the Mexican police found the movie car and returned it in one piece.

After a ground-up restoration by Bill and Patrick Shea, the famous Toyota is back to its former glory as a reminder of the iconic movie franchise.


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