The Lexus Hoverboard Actually Works—But There’s a Catch

Lexus Hoverboard

After weeks of teasing and touting essentially what is the future of moving yourself on a board, Lexus has given up all the goods on its new hoverboard creation with a sweet full-length video. And boy is it neat…to an extent.

The video below shows a bunch of radical dudes and chicks hitting the skate—or should I say, “hoverpark”— on Lexus’ latest creation. And I really do mean “hoverpark,” because Lexus specially constructed it in Spain just for the hoverboard. Ok, enough chatter, watch how it works:

See, it’s really real. But the catch here is that the Lexus hoverboard only works on a specially designed magnetic surface (like the hoverpark you see here)—meaning you can’t have one. Not to mention it’s hard to ride anyways.

As for the board itself, its magic floating abilities come from a pair of nitrogen-cooled superconductors that allow riders of up to 440 pounds (!) to grind some rails, or go over water, if they feel so inclined.

Lexus Hoverboard 2

There’s no denying it’s an awesome idea—now, when do we get to ride it?

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