The Grand Tour turns wrecked Toyota Prius hybrids into art

The Grand Tour is just a few days away from its first episode on Friday. The Amazon Prime series starring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May has done all sorts of things to get viewers hyped for the show, but this recent stunt features wrecked Toyota Prius hybrids scattered around the world.

On Top Gear, the trio clearly voiced their hate for the Prius, but never wrecked one. That unfortunate fate was confined to the unlucky Morris Marina. But with Amazon’s massive budget now guiding the way, it looks like the hosts can finally unleash their hatred on the hybrid.

Three roughed-up Prius hybrids were left in London, Berlin, and Los Angeles. The white Prius in Kings Cross, London, looks like it had a bad encounter with a pillar box, the red hybrid in Germany is emerging out of a walkway, and the blue Prius on the Hollywood Walk of Fame looks like it was dropped on its nose from the top of a building.

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