Teens Get Crashed Toyota Hilux Helicoptered Out Of A Cliff

Two teens have had their Toyota Hilux helicoptered off a cliff after crashing the pickup in Australia two weeks ago.

The crash happened at the Sea Cliff Bridge near Wollongong and saw the Hilux plough through a crash barrier before tumbling down the cliff and only coming to a rest after getting stuck in trees just meters before the water.

Clearly, a tow truck could not be called to rescue the Hilux and instead, the insurance company elected to have a helicopter remove the vehicle early Tuesday morning.

The helicopter carried the pickup for approximately 3 km before dropping it off at a local sporting field.

According to a spokesman for Roads and Maritime Services who spoke with the Illawarra Mercury, “Several options were considered to remove the vehicle including use of a crane, which would have impacted traffic on Lawrence Hargrave Drive.

“The use of a helicopter to retrieve the vehicle meant there was no impact to road users and the whole operation took around 10 minutes.”




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