Teaser presents new Toyota Prius version coming to New York

Teaser presents new Toyota Prius version coming to New York image

The Japanese automaker, the world’s largest manufacturer, has just released an interesting teaser with what appears to be a new Prius model that will debut during the 2016 New York Auto Show next week.

As we can all see from the attached picture the set of taillights that accompany this new Prius are vastly different from the ones currently featured on the regular, 2016 Prius hybrid. The standard Prius uses a set of vertical clusters, but this new version comes with boomerang-shaped lights that extend downwards on the trunk lid and are linked at the upper section through a central horizontal bar, most likely also serving as the third brake light. This new arrangement looks good and we may be treated to a different styling which could be less controversial – though we’ll pass final judgment next week when the online reveal should take place just prior to the worldwide debut in the metal during the New York Auto Show.

The car’s exact identity remains a mystery but the rumor mill has set sights on the plug in hybrid version of the Prius line. We should also hold out on this one as the model could actually be the Prius hatchback or MPV versions. Anyways, the most important model after the regular Prius remains the plug-in hybrid, which can fend off against the likes of Chevrolet’s second generation Volt. The standard 2016 Prius can do an EPA-estimated 58 mpg city / 53 mpg highway / 56 mpg combined if going for the Eco version – figures expected to be bested by the plug-in hybrid version thanks to its increased all-electric range.

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