Subaru patent hints at production BRZ STI

Subaru patent hints at production BRZ STI

Subaru’s BRZ STI Performance Concept appears to have surfaced in a patent application, hinting at potential production intentions for the high-performance coupe.

The Japan filing, spotted by AutoGuide, was submitted by Toyota and lists Subaru parent Fuji Heavy Industries as the creator. Included drawings closely resemble the STI Performance Concept, with a matching front fascia, rear wing and carbon-fiber roof, among other design elements.

The STI-tuned BRZ was presented with a turbocharged flat-four, delivering 300 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque, however Subaru has publicly dismissed the idea of using a traditional exhaust-driven turbo in a production BRZ. An executive recently claimed STI engineers are working on an “advanced technology” as a potential alternative, likely referring to an electrically-driven compressor that takes up less space and helps mitigate turbo lag.

Subaru has promised to deliver more STI models, and the BRZ is said to be high on its priority list despite sluggish sales. If the company is developing a more powerful coupe, it is unclear if the same technology will be used by Toyota for the Scion FR-S.

The Toyota 86 platform is expected to enter its next generation within the next few years, though a more powerful special-edition package could arrive as mid-cycle updates for the current edition.

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