Subaru drops BRZ price for 2016 model year

Subaru drops BRZ price for 2016 model year

Subaru has announced plans to discount the entire BRZ lineup for the 2016 model year.

The entry-level model now fetches $26,190 (including $795 freight) with a six-speed manual transmission, representing a savings of $300 compared to the 2015 model year. Prices for the Limited trim are now set at $28,190 with the manual gearbox, or $29,290 with an automatic transmission.

Sales of the BRZ have continued to struggle in 2015, falling by nearly 35 percent to just 2,809 units for the first seven months of the year.

Reports suggest Toyota is working on a redesigned GT86 with a bit more power thanks to engine modifications. If the rumors prove accurate, the update will offer around 10 extra horsepower. It could also bring a major body restyling to help invigorate sluggish sales.

In the meantime, the discounted 2016 BRZ will begin arriving in showrooms this fall.

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