Subaru And Toyota To Team Up For Next-Gen Sports Car

A new generation of the BRZ / GT 86 / FR-S is around the corner, as Toyota and Subaru will continue their partnership.

Subaru boss Yasuyuki Yoshinaga confirmed the news in an interview with AutoNews. “We have already agreed with Toyota we will do a full model change. We have not decided when it will be introduced”, said Yoshinag.

In related news, Subaru sales are on the rise, but Yoshinaga told the news agency that he wants to cap annual sales at just over a million units to preserve the  automaker’s “niche appeal”. He added that the maximum annual production has been settled at 1.03 million cars and it can be pushed to 1.1m, overtime. This means a 6.8 percent increase, but no new factories are being planned.

Across the United States, Subaru is expecting its seventh consecutive year of record sales in 2015 too. The company’s sales are approaching 600,000 units and this is more than 2014, which stood at 513,693. The automaker has seen a 14 percent increase through September, compared to last year. The redesigned Impreza, which will be added to production next year, is expected to further increase Subaru’s sales, along with the new 7-seat crossover, which won’t be called the Tribeca.

Note – Subaru BRZ STi Performance Concept pictured

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