Sleek Toyota GT 86 Shooting Brake concept revealed in Australia

Toyota GT 86 Shooting Brake concept front

Toyota has revealed a new concept car based on the GT 86 sports car, using the unusual shooting brake body style: a three-door coupe-style estate. 

The GT 86 Shooting Brake concept was thought up by Toyota Australia’s Product Design team, but after the GT 86’s chief engineer Tetsuya Tada saw the design, his team in Japan decided to build a working version of the car as a concept.

“I was totally surprised – and I liked it so much I arranged for my expert takumi prototype craftsmen to hand-build the Shooting Brake concept based on the Australian design,” he said.

Toyota GT 86 Shooting Brake concept rear

It’s not just a life-size model either, as the concept is a functional and driveable car that’s been tested on Toyota’s proving grounds. It’s not destined for production, although Toyota is keen to see the public reaction to the car.

There are no fundamental changes to the GT 86 in Shooting Brake form, with only the rear quarter and roof being changed. That means there’s the same 197bhp four-cylinder engine under the bonnet driving the rear wheels. The boot is a lot bigger now though, and Toyota’s Australian design chief says it’s now big enough for surfboards.

Toyota says the car mixes the sporty character of the 86 with Toyota’s practical values, and would serve as a weekend car that can still be useful and spacious.

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