Silver Toyotas Playbook: SEMA Edition Quintet Gets TRD Goodies

Apart from the gargantuan Tundrasine, which is the required piece of extravaganza from every automaker in SEMA, Toyota also had five of its production vehicles on display.

The Japanese brand made sure its bread-and-butter Corolla, Camry and Avalon saloons and Highlander and Land Cruiser SUVs got their own spot at the show, courtesy of the Toyota Racing Development (TRD) division.

All five feature a Silver Pearl paint job on the exterior and special, TRD-embroidered upholstery in the cabin, as well as aerodynamic rocker panels, a rear diffuser and (with the exception of the Land Cruiser) a front spoiler.

Lowered and sportier suspensions, large diameter rims with fat tires and free-flowing exhausts from TRD’s backlog are also on the menu. Powertrains remain identical to the production versions save for the Corolla LE Eco, in which the CVT gearbox is replaced by a TRD six-speed manual.

“The Avalon, Camry, Corolla, Highlander and Land Cruiser already do everything that vehicles in their respective segments need to do, and do them exceedingly well,” said Steve Appelbaum, National Engagement Marketing Manager of Toyota Motor Sales, USA.

“We believe the SEMA Edition TRD versions of these vehicles will appeal to a crowd that needs a great all-around vehicle plus even more sportiness. We’re anxious to gauge public response to these concepts.”

In a nutshell, they want to display and get a feel for their aftermarket products that are actually aimed at the public. Not bad, nothing to shout home about either.

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