See the Lexus Hoverboard in Action

Lexus Hoverboard 2

Lexus developed its Hoverboard as a part of its so-called SLIDE ad campaign, but sadly it won’t be something you can eventually buy on Amazon (although the thought of an Amazon drone delivering a hoverboard to your door is, admittedly, awesome). A new teaser video shows a brief moment of the board in action. Lexus says its Hoverboard uses magnets and liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors to levitate. The board itself is of an interesting design that incorporates bamboo, and presumably carbon fiber. On the front and back of the board is, of course, a Lexus spindle grille, proving once again that Lexus cannot resist putting that gaping mug on every vehicle it can. Best of all, while the board is levitating, ghoulish wisps of liquid nitrogen gas slowly curl out from underneath.

Lexus Hoverboard 3

That in itself is pretty fantastic, but the teaser video also shows pro skateboarder Ross McGouran briefly boarding the sleek machine before the camera predictably cuts away. “I started skating when I was about 7 or 8,” says McGouran. “[This] literally feels like I’m starting all over at the beginning.” Although we don’t expect Lexus to ever actually build anything like a Hoverboard for real, and this is essentially a stunt for advertising, it’s tough to deny how cool it is. There’s no word on when Lexus will reveal the full ad and show the Hoverboard’s full capability, but we’ll be sure to share it when they do.

Lexus Hoverboard 1

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