Scion’s rebranded model lineup takes shape

Scion’s rebranded model lineup takes shape

Toyota announced Thursday morning that it has finalized the nameplates for those models that will transition from the discontinued Scion brand to the Toyota lineup.

We knew as early as February which models were going to live on as Toyotas: The iM, iA, FR-S and the upcoming CHR compact crossover all made the cut. However, it wasn’t until this morning’s announcement that their new model names were made official.

The news is good for enthusiasts, whose darling FR-S will live on as the Toyota 86. The iA–a critical darling in its own right–will become the Toyota Yaris iA. It may seem like a somewhat redundant naming scheme, but what really matters is that the Mazda-based subcompact isn’t going anywhere.

The Scion iM becomes the Toyota Corolla iM. Like the FR-S-to-86 conversion, this rebranding makes sense in the context of overseas alignments. In most markets, it’s simply the hatchback variant of the Corolla or Auris, depending on where you are.

And what of the tC? Scion’s long-running coupe will go down with the ship. A special edition, the “Release Series 10.0,” will mark the end of the nameplate.

Marketing support for the Scion brand should officially end this fall.

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