Scion to unveil C-HR hot hatchback

The C-HR is a hatchback with a sleek look.

The Scion C-HR, the brand’s attempt at a hot hatchback to compete with the Ford Focus and Fiat 500, will be unveiled as a production model at the Detroit Auto Show after concept versions were shown at the Los Angeles and Geneva Auto Shows, according to Auto News.

Scion’s choice of unveiling the production model was originally reported Monday on Insider Car News. The C-HR, from Toyota-owned Scion, will offer gasoline and hybrid drivetrains. The 1.8 liter hybrid drivetrain will come from a redesigned version of the new Prius, which means it will sport 121 horsepower which is slightly less than the Prius due to the redesign. The gasoline version will sport a 114 horsepower 1.2 liter four cylinder from the Toyota Auris.

Handling will be front-wheel drive with a possible all-wheel drive option offered. With low output numbers already, the C-HR will have trouble propelling itself quickly down the road, especially with the heavier all-wheel drive option which will weigh the compact down. It is important to note, however, that buyers in this segment want something inexpensive, aesthetically pleasing with something that doesn’t necessarily need high output numbers.

“We always wanted to kind of experiment, I think that’s a thing people need to be reminded of,” Andrew Gilleland, vice president of Scion, said. “As we move away from the xB, we’re going to have another product that replaces it and stands for the brand, that iconic piece of it.”

The C-HR offers futuristic styling and interesting visual cues. The low-slung compact looks sportier than the quicker Fiat 500 and other competitors.

The C-HR does not have pricing statistics currently available but will likely start below $25,000 as Toyota tries to aim younger buyers with smaller pocketbooks.

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