Scion-ara: The FR-S is Becoming the Toyota 86

When Scion officially folds and the FR-S becomes a Toyota model this summer in North America, the car will be known as the Toyota 86

This was confirmed on Toyota’s own Driver Seat blog, where a caption of a photo of the FR-S reads, “the FR-S will become the Toyota 86 when it debuts this fall.” That photo is included in a blog post about Scion which discusses the brand’s legacy in the industry.

Currently, the sports car is sold as the Toyota 86 (seen above) in Asia, South Africa, South America and Australia while it is sold as the GT86 in Europe. It is also sold as the Subaru BRZ around the world, as Subaru and Toyota collaborated to create the car.

Nothing else is known about the new North American Toyota 86 at this time, though other updates and changes are likely coming to the revised car.

When Scion announced it was shutting down, it said that the FR-S, iA and iM would become Toyota models while the tC will be discontinued. New naming schemes for the iA and iM are unknown at this time.

The Scion brand will officially close its doors in August, 2016.

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