Santa’s Got A New Toyota 86 Sleigh, And It’s Got A Ferrari Engine

For when the reindeers are too tired or just too slow to do the job.

Ryan Tuerck wishes us Happy Holidays by burning some rubber on his mind-blowing Ferrari-powered Toyota ‘GT4586’ after dressing it appropriately to match the mood of the season.

With Santa Claus sitting by his side, Tuerck performs his usual stunts filling our ears with the beautiful melodies of Ferrari’s naturally aspirated V8.

Back in July, Tuerck and his crew announced this crazy project which was completed only a couple of months later, despite the huge amount of work they had in front of them. The engine itself is sourced from a Ferrari 458 and it measures 4.5 litres in capacity, making 562hp in stock form.

Sure, the stripped-out interior of this Toyota provides some useful extra space for carrying presents but we don’t think anyone will be disappointed seeing Santa riding in this beast. It’s definitely one of the most extreme engine swaps we’ve come across in years and being finished in red only makes it more suitable for Santa duties.


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