Reuters: Toyota to increase truck output

Reuters: Toyota to increase truck output

Toyota will increase output at its truck facilities in an attempt to keep up with U.S. demand, according to an interview with Reuters (via CNBC).

In the interview, Toyota claimed dealer supply of its half-ton Tundra is as low as just 20 days, which still pales in comparison to the smaller Tacoma‘s incredibly brisk 10-day supply.

Toyota sold 8,590 Tundras in November, and 13,465 Tacomas. While the Tundra’s numbers pale in comparison to those of the domestic half-tons, the Tacoma out-sold its closest competitors–the GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado–combined.

“If you were to ask any of our U.S. dealers what they want, I’d say every one of them would say ‘More trucks,”‘ Toyota Vice President Bob Carter told the wire service.

Toyota execs expect truck and SUV sales to shift even more than they have in recent years. For example, they expect the RAV4 to outsell the Camry within three years.

Toyota builds the Tacoma in two North American facilities–Baja California, Mexico and San Antonio, Texas. A third shift will be added at the Baja facility and additional staff will be hired on in San Antonio. The San Antonio facility also builds the Tundra.

The production changes are expected to take effect by the middle of 2016.

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