Report – Toyota registers FT-4X nameplate, could it be the new FJ?

Report – Toyota registers FT-4X nameplate, could it be the new FJ? image

Back in the day when Toyota was doing bland, uninspiring models, there was one that stood out from the crowd – the quirky but fully off-road capable FJ Cruiser.

Many fans pitied the model’s demise, but according to the latest gossip across the rumor mill, there’s still hope. As it turns out, Toyota has recently registered the FT-4X moniker, which might actually be reserved for a prototype used to gauge interest and preview the series model. The competent off roader was retired a few years ago from the United States and in August this year it had its last global hurrah when it also left the Australian roster. Now, it appears that a direct replacement might actually be in the cards, as the company has registered the oddball nameplate.

As per the automaker’s usual model naming process, the “FT” in the trademark filing stands for “Future Toyota,” so this name will likely be used on a concept first. This assumption is made on the FT-86 concept turning into the Toyota 86 coupe and the beautiful FT-1 concept that should translate into the new generation Supra. It would be great to have Toyota once again pack serious off-road credentials – especially in a segment dominated by the Jeep Wrangler and where the Ford bronco is expected to also make a comeback.

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