Report – Toyota FJ Cruiser getting the retirement ticket this August

Report – Toyota FJ Cruiser getting the retirement ticket this August image

The Japanese automaker has apparently decided to kill off for good one of its coolest models in the modern age – the off-road oriented FJ Cruiser, with plans to cease its production for good this summer.

The US market has been without the quirky yet enticing FJ Cruiser since the 2014 model year when the model’s legacy was to be carried out with the limited-run Trail Teams Edition. But those looking to bring it back home can still go to select markets and snatch one from there, as the model has been available in certain places, such as Australia or at home in Japan where production is also still underway. But it seems the automaker has decided to give the retro-inspired crossover this August when production is expected to end at the assembly facility.

The model has had a decade of life and since its inception back in 2006 it has only been offered with 4.0-liter V6 gasoline engine that was updated throughout the life cycle. The current version in Australia – where the report originated – has 201 kilowatts (270 horsepower) and 380 Newton-meters (280 pound-feet), delivered to both axles via a 4WD setup via a five-speed automatic transmission. Once the model was also available with a six speed manual or a cheaper two-wheel drive version. The FJ Cruiser had been based off the shortened architecture of the Land Cruiser Prado and came with good off-road capabilities, suicide doors and a pretty unique design.


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