Report – Toyota and Lexus to deliver new green models in time for Tokyo Olympics

Report – Toyota and Lexus to deliver new green models in time for Tokyo Olympics image

According to a Japanese automotive magazine cited by Automotive News, the world’s (interim) second largest automaker and biggest company in Japan will try to make the most out of its sponsorship of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Besides the concerted marketing effort for the event, the strategy reportedly includes introducing a set of new models that fit the games, including a taxi car and new fuel cell models. The product blitz is tied into Toyota’s recently announced sponsorship of the Olympics – which is set to last through 2024. Japan’s Best Car magazine has reported the drive will feature at least eight model introductions – all tied to modern mobility. Included are versions powered by fuel cell powertrains for the Lexus LS and the Japan-only Toyota Crown sedans that would make use of the technologically advanced architecture introduced by the Toyota Mirai. According to a Toyota spokesperson, who declined to comment on new product introductions said the 2020 Olympics are a “mental and philosophical milestone” for the automaker. He did concede the fuel cell drivetrain in the Mirai would be used by engineers for other vehicles.

The Olympic Games have long been proponents of zero-emission electric vehicles. According to the report, the LS fuel cell variant could be introduced in 2018 and the Crown fuel cell to follow the next year and the renderings that accompanied the material showcased the two cars using the style of the front fascia from the Mirai. Another fuel cell vehicle could be based on the next-generation Estima minivan.

Via Automotive News

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