Report: Takata to double airbag inflator recalls

Report: Takata to double airbag inflator recalls

Takata is reportedly preparing a significant expansion of its airbag inflator recall campaigns.

The Japanese supplier is expected to replace an additional 35 million to 40 million components, three unnamed sources told Reuters.

If the leak is accurate, the company will more than double the scope of its recall program. Approximately 24 million inflators have been deemed defective so far, with around 8.2 million repairs completed.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last month announced that 85 million additional Takata airbags use the same ammonium-nitrate propellant that is at the center of the existing recalls. The compound is prone to degradation via moisture exposure, in some cases causing the wafers to explode with too much force.

The NHTSA has demanded that Takata prove that all remaining non-desiccated ammonium nitrate inflators are safe. The company faces a 2019 deadline or the components must be recalled. The latest expansion appears to be a voluntary move toward a total recall, allegedly affecting all front airbags using the same chemical without a drying agent.

Takata has not yet officially announced the recall expansion. Previous reports suggest a wider campaign could cost as much as $24 billion.

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