Report – Lexus RX to gain three-row version starting late 2017 or early 2018

Report – Lexus RX to gain three-row version starting late 2017 or early 2018 image

The luxury Japanese automaker has reportedly confirmed it plans to offer a new derivative of the RX full size crossover – a practical three-row model starting late next year of early 2018.

There were numerous rumors and reports concerning the probability that Lexus would indeed add such a version and apparently now Lexus General Manager Jeff Bracken has confirmed the development of the model. The executive has been interviewed during the ongoing New York Auto Show and Bracken has announced the model should hit the dealerships either late next year of in the beginning of the following year. He was also comfortable to share the fact that company dealers are already impatiently waiting for this new version and “would just love to have it now.” This confirmation only lends weight to the recent rumors that swerved after the company recently trademarked the “RX 350L” and “RX 450 hL” nameplates in United States.

This is also a great hint to the powertrain options the bigger RX would use – namely it will call upon the regular’s options as his own as well: the standard uses a V6 engine and there will also be the hallmark hybrid configuration available. We’re now expecting the model to feature a bigger wheelbase than the standard RX’s 109.8 inch as it needs to make room for the third row. Bracken also tipped that Lexus designers have worked a lot on the five-seater and now don’t want to change it too much for the new version so it should come with a pretty identical styling.


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