Report – former Toyota executive to escape indictment in drug-related case

Report – former Toyota executive to escape indictment in drug-related case image

American Julie Hamp, the Toyota executive that was arrested In Japan last month because she was under suspicion of illegally importing prescription narcotics will not be charged, according to a recent report.

A Japanese news agency said Hamp, who offered her resignation as Toyota’s chief global communications officer because of the incident, would not be charged by the Japanese prosecutors after they established her act was “not malicious.” “The prosecutors appeared to have taken into consideration the fact that the 55-year-old American’s act was not malicious and that she has already resigned from the post at the Japanese automaker,” commented Kyodo News on its English-language website, citing “investigative sources.” The development also follows Toyota’s bid to defend her, with the company claiming she was unaware of breaking the law and president Akio Toyoda took the time to declare on a televised news conference that Hamp was a “friend” and an “invaluable” part of the carmaker. Hamp, who was arrested June 18, decided to relinquish her position at the world’s largest automaker, where she had just been named as its top ranking female manager.

Her push to a higher rank was billed as an integral part of the automaker’s recent strategy to diversify the executive positions, which have been traditionally dominated by Japanese men even as the carmaker has become a globalized behemoth. Japanese authorities accused Hamp of illegally importing 57 pills of pain prescription medication oxycodone, with the country having very strict regulations on narcotics, with government approval being needed before bringing prescription drugs into Japan.


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