Report – 2018 Lexus LS to pack “cool interior stuff”

Report – 2018 Lexus LS to pack “cool interior stuff” image

It’s a little vague but this is the essence of the latest report on the upcoming new generation of the Lexus flagship – according to the company’s Executive Vice President Mark Templin.

The next LS, tipped to come next year as a 2018 model year, in Templin’s opinion, will be hosting “some cool interior stuff.” Of course the manager declined to go into specifics, pointing out the brand was looking to elevate its focus on both craftsmanship and technology. “We’re going to do some things with the next-generation LS interior that we’ve never done with interiors before,” was also a carefully designed line to come from Templin. While the executive was all mysterious, we do know the LS will be taking some of its cues from the LF-LC concept that was presented back last year during the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

The prototype was packing a cool high-tech interior that came with a digital instrument cluster and hand gesture recognition technology that was used to navigate through the audio and climate control settings. The prototype also boasted ‘floating’ front seats, reclining rear seats, and a full-length center console that was packing a wide range of touchscreen displays. The manager also shared his view on the success of the new LC500 coupe, the flagship of the company in that segment, which should be a “pretty spectacular car for the money.” He also went on to hint the pricing will be more competitive than a BMW 6 Series for example, which starts in the US at $88,700.

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