Recall roundup – Toyota Prius for defective parking brake

Recall roundup – Toyota Prius for defective parking brake image

The Japanese automaker has announced a recall involving 340k units of the new generation Prius hybrid, with the problematic parking brake allowing the cars to roll away – and incident reports in certain markets.

Toyota has decided to service the 2016 and 2017 Prius across the world for an issue regarding the parking brake. The problem spans across 340,000 examples worldwide, with 92,000 units in the United States and the plug-in hybrid version not part of the campaign. The parking brake can malfunction, with the vehicle able to roll away when the owner forgets to put the transmission in park mode. Toyota will start informing owners of the recall starting November, and the dealers will put clips on top of the brake cable dust boots that will prevent the cable from operating incorrectly.

The campaign includes 212,000 units in Japan, and there are reported incidents of crashes, injuries, and even deaths there. “Alleged crashes, injuries and fatalities are reported in many ways to many different organizations. Therefore, we would like to refrain from providing specifics at this time,” commented Toyota Motor North America Corporate Communications on the matter. The Prius was also serviced in the United States for an airbag issue with the 2016 model year, with 7,600 units affected by an issue with the airbag inflator.

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