RACQ Tackles Toyota: ‘Bull Bars Aren’t Fashion Accessories’

Queensland’s RACQ has hit back at a comment from Toyota regarding bull bars, following the unveiling of the carmaker’s new HiLux range.

Toyota Australia President Dave Buttner referred to the bars as “good looking”, adding that they were “fashion accessories for our vehicles”.

The RACQ disagrees, saying bull bars should only be fitted when drivers plan to use their vehicles in areas where the device may be needed.

“Bull bars should only be used if there’s a genuine risk of an animal strike,” RACQ’s Steve Spalding said. “We don’t want to see the unnecessary fitment of bull bars to city-based cars, or for there to be any increased risk of serious injury to vulnerable road users such as pedestrians or cyclists.”

2016 Toyota HiLux – minus bull-bar

2016 Toyota HiLux – minus bull-bar

Mr Spalding said any bull bar fitted to a vehicle in Australia should meet the minimum Australian Standards, while also being compatible with any of the car’s safety features (such as crash sensors for airbags).

The RACQ said a bull bar should not be fitted simply to improve the appearance of a car, adding that the device was a necessity in areas such as outback Queensland.

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