Prius Pllug-In owner sues Toyota over electric range estimate

Prius Pllug-In owner sues Toyota over electric range estimate

Toyota faces a class-action lawsuit over its official range estimate for the Prius Plug-In Hybrid.

The lawsuit accuses the company if misrepresenting the hybrid as capable of driving up to 13 miles on a single charge, according to a Top Class Actions overview spotted by Green Car Reports. Plaintiff Richard Rosenbaum claims his actual range is just eight miles on a single charge.

A close look at the hatchback’s EPA sticker will show a range of 11 miles “electric + gas,” with an all-electric range of zero to six miles. The wide range reflects the car’s hybrid management system, which activates the gasoline engine during the electric cycle if the driver attempts anything more than moderate acceleration.

Rosenbaum argues that his eight-mile real-world mileage dropped even further in the Michigan winter. The lawsuit claims the car will not operate in fully electric mode at all if the temperature drops below 55 degrees.

Attorneys argue that Toyota’s marketing materials claimed drivers could achieve 13 miles, without mentioning any of the alleged limitations experienced by owners.

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