Peugeot Traveller, Citroen Spacetourer & Toyota Proace Rendered As Hot Vans

Where in real-life they’re virtually identical, a little bit of custom in-house work might actually help the Traveller, Spacetourer and the Proace have a little bit more personality.

Of course you might wonder just how much personality can a van have anyway? After all, these cars are strictly utilitarian when they leave the factory, and don’t have any unrealistic aspirations for themselves, such as getting into the custom luxury van business or anything like that.

PSA and Toyota have been known to work together on a car or two (108, C1, Aygo obviously), and they also haven’t shied away from creating special edition versions of those particular cars, for whatever reasons.

So then could it work for this trio of vans? Would customers (companies mostly) even need more of an incentive other than comfort and practicality? Realistically speaking, probably not. But that doesn’t stop certain people from imagining what these vans would look like if their parent manufacturers wanted to give them more of an…edge, over the competition.

Meet the Peugeot Traveller GTi, Citroen Spacetourer Racing and the Toyota Proace TRD – which of course stands for Toyota Racing Development. All three of these renderings look reasonably sporty, or perhaps even considerably sporty when compared to the factory product.

All come with larger wheels, a lowered chassis, custom bumpers and sills, new grilles, darkened headlights, tinted windows and characteristic paint jobs. The Peugeot is wearing red & black and stands out the most, whereas the Toyota is all-blue and the Citroen a bit more conservative.

The only question now is, which one is actually better looking. Thoughts?

Images courtesy of X-Tomi

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