Paris Motor Show: Lexus UX concept

Paris Motor Show: Lexus UX concept image

The Japanese automaker has premiered in front of the worldwide audience of the Paris Motor Show the new UX concept, a bespoke take on the compact crossover design.

Lexus has introduced the UX as a preview of an upcoming new model in its SUV range, and continues with the edgy, angular design that is today and tomorrow’s vision of the compact crossover segment. The UX of course continues in the same vein as the NX and RX larger crossovers, but given its reduced dimensions and aura it will go after young, tech-savvy, city-dwelling consumers that Lexus describes as “Urbanites.” The front design is dominated by the Lexus spindle grille, and also has swept-back headlights and a pointed hood for a more “sports car” feel. The styling is dramatic and sporty, with the fenders flaring outwards at all four corners and a very short and flat roofline – all the while the rear window goes down abruptly at an almost a 45-degree angle. There’s also a very large U-shaped LED light element spanning the width of the liftgate and the roof rails curve to follow part of the boomerang-like C-pillars.

The cabin is even more off the grid – we start off with the semi-transparent A-pillars, formed from aluminum struts with polycarbonate “fins” which enable the driver to see easier past the pillars. The cabin is also adorned with the already-presented Kinetic seats that look like they belong in a Spiderman movie. In the front the driver gets more space than the passenger and they get Humvee-like separation through a tall center console that runs the full length of the interior. There’s a pair of color displays feeding the images from the cameras that replace the traditional rear-view mirrors – and then there’s the floating, hologram-like digital display in front of the driver that has a globe-like appearance. This luxurious and techy design actually previews a more down to Earth new subcompact luxury model for the brand – with Lexus already reportedly owning trademarks for the UX 200 and UX 250 in Europe.

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