Pack Of Stray Dogs Attack And Destroy Toyota Corolla In Turkey

A pack of stray dogs attacked a local man’s Toyota Corolla in the Turkish province of Sakarya, completely dismantling the front fascia as if the engine bay was full of Scooby Snacks.

The man, one Cem Acar who works as a mechanic, found the damage and initially called the police thinking somebody had attempted to steal his car. However, checking the surveillance footage proved that the culprits weren’t exactly the type that you can bring in for questioning.

According to the description of the video, the total cost of repairs was almost 5,000 Turkish Liras, or around $1,600. Definitely enough to put a dent in your pocket, unless your car insurance covered you being attacked by wild animals.

“I went home with another car after parking my car in front of my shop,” said Acar. “I was shocked to see the damage when I returned in the morning. We thought the incident was a theft attempt and called the police. Later we watched the surveillance camera footage with the police and we saw eight stray dogs tearing the car’s bumper into pieces.”

While this type of behavior is rather unusual from dogs, those who live in countries where strays still represent an issue in inner cities know that they can get very aggressive sometimes, especially when they’re in packs.

And yes, stray dogs do tend to chase cars, but to actually tear them up? That is quite the rare occurrence.


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