Next generation Toyota GT86 could use Mazda MX-5 platform

Latest gossip indicates the next generation Toyota GT86 could use the Mazda MX-5’s platform.

There were some rumors pointing towards the GT86’s demise, but Toyota announced back in October last year a second generation is being planned and now Motoring is saying the model could be based on the Mazda MX-5 which we already know will serve as foundation for a new Fiat 124 Spider. Toyota has apparently already tested the Miata’s chassis, but at the same time they are putting their finishing touches on their own chassis for a rear-wheel drive sports car that could underpin not only the next GT86 but also a smaller model.

A source close to Toyota says that if the company will borrow the MX-5’s chassis, it will definitely be used for the next generation GT86. Consequently, the successors for the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S would also be related to the new Miata.

Regardless of its basis, the new GT86 / BRZ / FR-S trio will get a smaller and lighter RWD layout and possibly a downsized turbocharged engine. Until a new one arrives, Toyota will introduce a final facelift for the GT86 in April 2016 and will apparently come with a 11 PS power upgrade (to 211 PS), bespoke Sachs dampers, reinforced rear suspension and other chassis tweaks made by Gazoo Racing all wrapped around in a “major body panel redesign.”

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