Next generation Prius comes amid declining gasoline prices

Next generation Prius comes amid declining gasoline prices image

The largest automaker in the world, Toyota, is scheduled to release this fall its latest generation of the iconic Prius hybrid, a statement when it comes to green driving.

But the automaker might face a more hostile climate for the model than any of the previous three generations did in their time, even if we talk about the first iteration, which practically established the hybrid segment. Back in the day, Prius was the obvious choice for drivers looking for a green statement ad increased fuel economy –and was actually one of very few. Today the car dealers have hybrid models in all shapes and sizes, while the lots are also crowded with equally efficient or green models – from diesels to nonhybrids and electric cars. More so, with gasoline prices down almost a dollar from last year, customers have rekindled their fondness for large SUVs and pickup trucks.

But that doesn’t mean the Prius should be considered an inherent flop. The automaker, dealers and analysts are all confident the next generation hybrid will make a sales impression when it reaches the US at the end of the year as a 2016 model year. They put their money on the Prius brand awareness, its updated looks and driving credentials, as well as a carefully designed backup strategy. The 2016 Prius will be the first Toyota to pack the company’s new modular platform, called Toyota New Global Architecture, which brings enhancements in terms of handling. Design has been updated, with the basic wedge shape retained but those who already seen it calling it “very progressive”. And the backup plan consists of a hybrid RAV4, marrying the SUV trend to the green architecture.

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