Next-gen Lexus LS to bow in Tokyo?

Next-gen Lexus LS to bow in Tokyo?

Lexus is reportedly preparing to unveil its next-generation LS at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The launch is expected to be significant for Toyota‘s luxury division, serving as a technological showcase as Toyota’s luxury division celebrates its 25th birthday, commemorating the 1989 LS400, according to Autocar.

The top model in the LS lineup is expected to keep a V8 powerplant, upgraded to deliver approximately 465 horsepower. The current generation’s 4.6-liter V8 tops out at 386 ponies for the rear-wheel-drive configuration, or 360 horsepower with all-wheel drive.

Rumors suggest the company is also working on a hydrogen-powered variant, positioned above the LS 600h L long-wheelbase gasoline-electric hybrid. Borrowing powertrain tech from the Mirai, the fuel-cell sedan is said to be 440 pounds lighter than the hybrid. It could also be less powerful, allegedly integrating a 295-horsepower electric motor.

Executives have promised to make the new LS more ’emotional’ than the current edition. A rumored ‘F’ model could help fulfill the ambition, taking advantage of twin turbochargers to bring a 5.0-liter V8’s output up to 600 horsepower.

Additional details could surface ahead of the alleged late-October unveiling.

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