New Virtual Reality App Let’s You Drive The Lexus RCF On The Ascari Circuit [w/Video]

Lexus announced a new Virtual Reality app which lets you sort of drive its RC F around the track, allowing you experience the thrill of a 475hp V8 coupe.

An array of cameras inside and outside the car was used in order to film the immersive material on the Ascari circuit in southern Spain. The scenario involves a high-speed pursuit around the track, letting you choose between a smooth or aggressive driving style.

Available for iOS and Android devices, the app can be used as is or with the Google Cardboard VR Viewer. For even better results, Lexus also released a version for the Oculus Rift VR headset. The company will also release a Lexus branded version of the Google Cardboard.

The 360-degrees film can also be experienced through the relevant YouTube function which currently works only on Chrome browsers. Both videos are linked below.

Spiros Fotinos, Lexus Europe’s Head of Marketing, said: “For the RC F, we have created an amazing virtual reality experience that can be enjoyed and shared by anyone, anywhere – without the traditional hardware limitations. The combination of realism, multi-platform availability and YouTube 360° video streaming makes it truly a world first.”


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