New Toyota Supra Could Have a BMW Hybrid Heart


There are few things that conjure up emotions quite like the word ‘Supra.’ It’s an icon, both here and abroad, and has been the subject of revival rumors for as long as it’s been off the market. That being said, here’s another report to fuel the Supra flame: a BMW hybrid powerplant.

According to AutoExpress, the supposed Supra revival will come with a BMW hybrid setup under the hood, with design inspired by the dramatic FT-1 concept (pictured here). We already know that it will be sharing a platform with the new and upcoming BMW Z4, but until now, its source of energy was a thing of mystery.


Along with the knowledge of its new BMW heart, the report goes on to tell us that the supposed Supra will be longer and a bit heavier than the Z4 platform on which it will sit. Curb weight is expected to be just over 3,000 pounds (approx. 1,400 kilograms), and an extended wheelbase will place it above the GT86 in the Toyota lineup. Think something competitive with Jaguar F-Type, Chevrolet Corvette, etc.

Truth be told, many of the rumors are just that—rumors. But you should expect to see a new BMW Z4 and a new Toyota sports car—possibly bearing the Supra name—hitting the market in 2017.

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