New Toyota Hilux Receives A Plethora Of Rugged Accessories To Make It More…Invincible

As we all know, Toyota’s “workhorse” – the Hilux – is notorious for its reliability and toughness.

It survived trial be fire, by ice and by Top Gear and there’s a reason why Toyota South Africa alone sold 1,000,000 units.

Of course, the latest model won’t shy away from its roots, especially if bedizen with Toyota’s new accessories. In fact, the new Hilux will offer the most extensive range of add-ons ever, as an intensive five-year development program has resulted in more than 60 accessories specifically developed for the titan. It’s like giving Iron Man the Hulkbuster suit.

The new bullbars, available in high-tensile steel or aluminum alloy, are not only light and strong, but include correct airbag deployment in case of an accident (with a tank, probably). Not only that, but their design also ensures airflow through the radiator, while also providing mounting points for driving lights, antennas and winch

A snorkel is also available – which sounds funny, but actually provides optimal airflow to maintain engine performance, especially if someone decides that the Hilux should become a submarine for a while.

Other stuff includes LED work lamps, light bar, two types of tool boxes, a bed slide on rollers, towbar, load distribution hitch, steel tray, hard or soft tonneau covers, nudge bar, ute liner and the list goes on and on.

“Toyota Genuine accessories for HiLux have been exhaustively tested for strength and durability using a combination of finite element analysis and extensive real-world testing. They comply with stringent global quality standards – and they also look great because the design has been integrated perfectly with the new vehicle”, said Tony Cramb – Toyota Australia’s executive director sales and marketing.

And yes, the hard tonneau cover and the redesigned Toyota canopy (the hard-top on the truck’s bed, available with integrated lighting, central locking and large “gull wing” style windows for easy access to the load area) flawlessly integrate with the car’s overall design, giving it a bad-ass look.

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