New Toyota ‘FT-4X’ Trademark Hints at Possible FJ Cruiser Successor

Is Toyota working on a successor to the FJ Cruiser?

The Japanese automaker recently filed an application to trademark “Toyota FT-4X” for automobiles and structural parts thereof, suggesting that the company is working on a new off-road, four-wheel-drive model. The “FT” in the trademark means Future Toyota and has been used previously with the FT-86 Concept that eventually became the Scion FR-S and Toyota 86, as well as the FT-1 Concept that is believed to preview the Supra’s successor.

Unfortunately, very little is known about a possible FT-4X and this trademark application is the first time rumors have even surfaced that Toyota could be working on a replacement for the FJ Cruiser. The Toyota FJ Cruiser has been missing from the U.S. market since 2014, but production didn’t cease until August 2016. Although it was discontinued in the U.S., the Japanese automaker continued selling it in other markets in the world, like Australia, where it has a loyal following.

The application filing date was October 10, 2016, so it’s still in its early stages. But for those anxiously waiting for a possible FJ Cruiser, this might be the first bit of good news, especially since the Ford Bronco is getting set for a comeback and there is a new Jeep Wrangler on the way.

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