New Toyota Fortuner Transformed Into A BMW X6-Like Coupe SUV

Why don’t non-premium car manufacturers build mid to full-size Coupe-ish SUVs? People obviously appreciate their looks (generally speaking), whereas those that don’t, are free to keep buying VW Golfs.

Sorry VW, that wasn’t a shot at the Golf. The thing is, I always thought that if you had a problem with a coupe SUV or any type of 4-door coupe, it was because you just couldn’t look beyond how practical a vehicle is.

And if that’s the case, then where’s your imagination?

Of course, if you’re interested in buying one now, you’re not exactly spoiled for choice, are you? Besides, regardless of which one you buy (BMW X4/X6, GLC/GLE Coupe), it’s going to cost you a lot of money.

This is where a non-premium car maker like Toyota could come in and instead of hitting you up with something painfully practical (as they always do), they should just as well build this Fortuner Coupe model rendered by Theophilus Chin and which isn’t the most brilliant thing to look at, but I’m willing to bet on it being successful in terms of sales.

VW might be building one, though the CrossBlue Coupe doesn’t exactly look like a “pure” Coupe SUV. If it doesn’t have that X4/X6/GLE Coupe rear, it might as well be a very large Station Wagon.

The thing is, just about anybody could get in on this action and odds are, people would really pay attention to it.

The one downside could be that there’s no way for a non-premium manufacturer to place a Coupe SUV at a lower price point than a regular SUV. So say if Opel decides to build one (silly example, I know), it would be more expensive than the Antara.

OK, let’s look for a better example, something bigger and more realistic. Say if Hyundai decides to build one, it would cost more than the Santa Fe, and people might not be willing to pay that much for a non-premium product.

Honestly though, I’m amazed this hasn’t happened yet. And no, the Acura ZDX didn’t count because it was a premium product.

Renderings courtesy of Theophilus Chin

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