New Lexus RX Gets Visually Enhanced By Modellista

The recently-launched Lexus RX SUV isn’t the kind of car you take off-roading, and its design makes a bold statement. So why not bedizen it with some aftermarket parts to make it stand out  more?

Don’t get me wrong, the RX already looks…different, but the Japanese tuner Modellista believes that a set of visual accessories can further enhance its style, stance and looks. The dynamic aero kit includes a front spoiler, side skirts, and a rear spoiler with quad-pipe exhausts, which distinguish Modellista’s offering from the standard RX.

The Japanese company also offers a lowered suspension to bring the car closer to the ground, but that’s about it mechanical-wise. Granted, a possible chassis stiffening and engine tweaking won’t be categorized as useful improvements, as the RX comes as a fairly potent machine straight from the factory.

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