New Lexus LF-LC Camouflaged Prototype’s Front Fascia Snapped

Having only previously seen the back of what is probably the production version of the Lexus LF-LC concept, we now see its camouflaged face for the very first time.

Even with the spiral pattern wrap, you can see the outline of the car’s headlights pretty clearly. They do resemble those of the aforementioned concept but also those of the Hyundai Genesis coupe…

Not that this LF-LC concept prototype would have a lot to do with that sporty driver-focused coupe; it’s said to be based on the same chassis as the next LS sedan, so yes, it could be something like the Mercedes S-Class Coupe rival from Japan.

It’s not going to be a supercar, then, so it won’t be a reincarnation of the LFA supercar. In order to do that, if Lexus ever decides it’s a good way to go, it’d have to give it a bespoke chassis and engine to match its predecessor, and the car snapped and posted below courtesy of Steeringnews.

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