New Lexus LC500 coupe revealed at 2016 Detroit Motor Show

Lexus LC500 – front show

Lexus has revealed a new flagship coupe at this year’s Detroit Motor Show. Called the LC500, the Mercedes SL rival will make production, likely towards the end of this year

At a press reveal earlier this evening, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda revealed there was initially no production intentions for the LF-LC concept, first seen at the 2012 Detroit Show. But, buoyed by public support for it, he says “we listened, and we made it real”.

Lexus LC500 – side/rear show

Renamed for production, the LC500 features slightly toned down styling from that dramatic concept car. The trademark angular Lexus grille graces the front, while the sharp detailing and shape in reminiscent of the LFA supercar.

“Everyone, engineers included, wanted to make this car as close as possible to the LFA’s philosophy”. There’s no high-revving V10s here, but the LC500 does get a 467bhp 5.0-litre naturally-aspirated V8 from the firm’s ‘F’ performance range. It also gets a 10-speed single automatic gearbox, a Lexus first.

It’s built on the firm’s new ‘GA-L’ rear-wheel drive architecture, and is said to feature weight-saving materials such as carbon composite doors and a carbon-fibre roof. Toyoda, claiming he has driven it, describes the car as “Sugoi” which is Japanese for Awesome.

We’ll bring you more details on Lexus’ sporty new coupe as soon as we get them.

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