Man Explains Why He Owns Five 1980s Toyota AE86 Coupes

What makes a person buy not one, not two, but five identical cars?

I’m guessing the car has to be really good, but even so, why five? Antonio Alvendia says he has so many “AE86” Toyota Corolla GT-S models because he can’t help buying one when he comes across a good deal.

He says his passion for the predecessor of today’s Toyota GT 86/Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ trio is due to the fact that the AE86 was a sporty, economical and affordable car that people could have fun with.

Two of his cars are featured in this latest video from Petrolicious, a 1985 and 1986 model that came with standard limited-slip differential, live axle rear end with panhard rod and MacPherson front suspension. US-spec models also came with oil coolers, so the AE86 offered a pretty good value for money.

But there’s another reason he’s crazy about the Toyota AE86. As Antonio is passionate about drifting, falling in love with the tail-happy small Japanese coupe was simply bound to happen.


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