Love Manga? Modellista has prepared some inspired body kits for the Toyota C-HR in Japan

Love Manga? Modellista has prepared some inspired body kits for the Toyota C-HR in Japan image

Looking to stand out from the crowd? Buy a Toyota C-HR, which is the best rival in terms of quirkiness we’ve seen to the Nissan Juke. But what happens when you want to be noticed among C-HR buyers? Go for the Modellista kit. If you live in Japan, that is.

While the Toyota C-HR is nothing subtle to begin with and will deliver the same polarizing reactions the Nissan Juke did at the time of introduction, Toyota’s Modellista design division thinks the subcompact crossover can become even more distinctive. This by way of presenting the Boost Impulse Style and Elegant Ice Style body kits, though they have been relegated to Japan for now. The Boost Impulse Style kit seen on a yellow C-HR makes the part if Toyota was ever to replace GM as a sponsor of Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise. All of its components can also be bought individually or the company sells a set with the front splitter, side skirts, and rear fascia for 183,600 yen ($1,600) painted or 162,000 yen unpainted ($1,400).

The Elegant Ice Style kit seen on the white C-HR aims for a more sophisticated look – though ultimately fails. There are metallic finished front splitter, mirror caps, and side skirts, a sporty rear end with openings at the corners – as well as front splitter and side skirts. Again all of the parts can be acquired individually, while the pack price is of 139,320 yen ($1,200) and 118,800 yen ($1,030) unpainted. Modellista is also offering other options – LED-lit parts for the mirror covers, shark-fin antenna, and license plate lamp, rectangular exhaust tips and a set of 19-inch five-spoke wheels. In the cabin, the owner can get LED lighting around the gearshift, roof, foot well, and luggage compartment.

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