Looks Like Lexus LF LC Sports Coupe Is Happening

Remember the Lexus LF LC Concept Coupe? Of course you do, as Lexus never allowed us to forget it showing it multiple times in different shades and even as a GT racer over the past years.

Now, a camouflaged coupe caught by The Smoking Tire’s  Matt Farah, is believed to be a prototype for the rumored production version of the Lexus LF LC.

From the two pictures we have of the car, it certainly does share a familiar silhouette and key styling elements with the study, including the distinctive profile window line, the heavily slanted rear window, and if you look closely, what appear to be tear-drop-style tail lights.

Furthermore, Lexus’ recent trademark elephant ear mirrors (seriously, what’s with that?) point to a model from the Japanese brand. Speaking of trademark(s), Lexus patented the “LC” name last November.

We’ve heard that the production LF LC is not intended to be a hardcore performance coupe, but more of a GT-style sports car sitting above the RC, but we still don’t know where exactly Lexus plans to position it in the market – it could rival BMW’s 6-Series or it may set its sights even higher towards Mercedes-Benz’s glitzier S-Class Coupe.

The powertrain options are also a mystery, though, the concept featured an unspecified gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain producing 499hp (506PS). Lexus being Lexus, it could very well offer a hybrid unit together with conventional engines.

Photos #TheSmoking Tire, via Worldcarfans, Thanks to Matthew for the tip!

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