Listen To The Lexus LC 500’s Melodic Exhaust Note In New Ad

Lexus keeps building the hype behind its new halo model, the all-new LC500, releasing a new commercial filled with V8 sounds.

Set in the Spanish Sierra Nevada mountain range, the new ad shows the LC500 being driven on a beautiful road at night, with the production team using real-world projection mapping instead of the usual CGI trickery.

To make this film a reality, the team had to bring four of the brightest projectors in the world and link them together for a seamless backdrop of images moving over the mountainside as the new Lexus LC500 drives past. “Nothing of this scale had been done before,” said motion designer Edgar Davey, “and it was a challenging event just to think about. But in the results, it happened like magic.”

The team had also worked hard on picking up the sound of the 467hp Lexus V8 the best way possible, giving us a first class opportunity to hear what the new LC500 sounds like and it sounds really good. Mated to a 10-speed automatic gearbox, the new Lexus wants to offer the most emotional driving experience this side of an LFA.

Lexus will bring the new LC500 to Goodwood for its official UK debut, with sales starting early next year.


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