Lexus UX Concept leaked ahead of official Paris debut

Lexus UX Concept leaked ahead of official Paris debut image

The Japanese automakers’ latest show floor concept hasn’t remained a secret until the official premiere during the Paris Motor Show, though this could also be an intentional “leak” designed to create buzz.

It’s always a fine line between genuine Internet leak and a marketing move that allowed the spilling of the beans – and usually we’re not told what was the case. Anyhow, the Paris Motor Show is coming in fast so these leaks will come more often than ever in the subsequent days. The case here is an early look at Lexus’ latest concept – dubbed UX – which has the same edgy design credentials displayed by the bigger NX and RX crossovers. We might be looking at the premium marquee’s touting of a subcompact version of the Toyota C-HR, but most likely we’ll get more answers after the official reveal.

The Lexus UX Concept has a set of large alloys and the rear doors might be of the scissor variety if we take into account the joined door handles. Another concept feature is the use of cameras instead of exterior mirrors – though this idea is not that futuristic anymore as Japan is allowing them on production cars starting this fall. The concept has dual exhaust tips, so there’s clearly an internal combustion engine under the hood – perhaps in a hybridized setup. It appears that Lexus has also trademarked the “UX 200”, “UX 250”, and “UX 250” names in Europe – so the concept will quickly morph into a production series model.

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