Lexus unveils an electro-luminescent RC F Coupe [video]

Lexus Australia has created a unique RC F coupe that displays the driver’s heartbeat on the exterior of the car.

In order to achieve this, the driver’s heartbeat is monitored and that data is used to send an electric charge to the body panels which are coated an in an electro-luminescent paint developed by Luminor.  This enables the body panels to pulse in the same rhythm as the driver’s heartbeat.

In a statement, Lexus Australia Chief Executive Sean Hanley said “This latest concept follows other innovative projects we have developed this year, including smart outdoor advertising billboards that respond to the car you’re driving and the fantastic new Lexus Hoverboard. The heartbeat car also links to another key part of Lexus – high performance vehicles – via our F marque models, and the emotional responses a machine like the RC F can inspire in a person.”

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