Lexus Tops Customer Satisfaction Study While the Rest of the Industry Gets Worse

Lexus has claimed top honors on a recent U.S. customer service satisfaction study, while the industry overall saw a decline in customer satisfaction scores. 

Across the industry, customer satisfaction dropped by 3.7 percent to 79 on a 100-point scale according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s (ASCI) Automobiles Report for this year. That is the lowest score for the entire industry since 2004 according to ACSI.

Lexus managed to push Mercedes-Benz out of the top spot with a score of 84, while the German automaker saw its score fall by 3 percent to sit at 83. There were only two nameplates that managed to improve their score this year, Acura and BMW, which are up 8 percent and 3 percent respectively.

Out of the 27 different brands that were involved in the study, 15 had declining scores this year while 10 brands remains unchanged over last year. Customer satisfaction levels were high among import brands, which make up 77 percent of the above-average brands in the U.S.

Ford sits on top of the domestic brands with a score of 81 while GM is close behind with 79. FCA is the worst of Detroit 3, scoring 75.

Massive recalls and rising vehicle prices are two of the main factors cited for the recent drop in customer satisfaction. Among its respondents, ACSI saw a 40 percent increase in recalls compared with the second quarter of 2014.

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