Lexus testing “no-haggle” dealer program

Lexus testing

Lexus is experimenting with a no-negotiation experience in a dozen of its U.S. dealerships.

The brand, which is supported by 236 dealerships in the United States, made the announcement at this week’s CAR Management Briefing Seminars.

Lexus Division General Manager Jeff Bracken told industry insiders and reporters that the experiment is founded on an attempt to further elevate the already-praised Lexus customer experience, reports Automotive News.

Even if the program is widely adopted, Lexus will not be the first in the Toyota brand family to employ a no-haggle strategy; Scion dealerships have operated under the “Pure Price” program since the brand was launched in the early part of this century.

It’s unclear whether a shift to no-haggle pricing will buoy sales; Scion has struggled to maintain its low-margin strategy since the economic collapse and the only other brand to employ it on a long-term basis is GM’s now-defunct Saturn brand.

Lexus sales are up more than 13% in 2015; the brand is in the hunt to reclaim the luxury sales volume crown which it lost to BMW in 2011.

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