Lexus Spices Up LA Auto Show With Sriracha IS Concept [w/Video]

In order to celebrate the launch of the 2017 Lexus IS, the Japanese automaker joined forces with hot sauce maker Huy Fong Foods in order to bring the custom-built Sriracha IS to the 2016 LA Auto Show.

Despite what you’re going to see in the light-hearted footage below, this concept was actually built by West Coast Customs with one goal in mind, which is “Making a Hot Car Spicy.”

Among its special features, there is the hard-to-miss official Sriracha IS paint job, designed to mimic Sriracha sauce inside the bottle and topped with a clear coating. There’s also the Sriracha-Injected steering wheel, complete with a funny warning for “Hot Handling”.

Other features include the custom temperature settings that now go from cool to Sriracha hot, the driving mode upgrade, handcrafted seats made out of plush leather and featuring the Huy Fong rooster logo, and of course the custom badging and green accents – where the latter are a signature element of official Huy Fong Foods products.

These bottle-cap green details on the car include the spindle grille outline, the hand painted calipers, interior cabin mood lighting, chrome side view mirror accents and the hand-stitching on the seats.

“The new Lexus IS is so hot, we decided to make it Sriracha hot, with all the custom details every Sriracha fan will appreciate,” said Brian Smith, Lexus VP of marketing.

In order to go all the way with this project, Lexus even filled up the trunk with 43 bottles of Sriracha for “emergency condiment situations” and build a key fob with an emergency chili button that dispenses sauce from a nozzle on the fob.

Finally, among the car’s “accessories” are the hot driving jacket and of course the driving mitts – since the Sriracha IS is so hot, custom oven mitts are a necessity.


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