Lexus Slowing Things Down For Our Viewing Pleasure

Watching something in slow motion can be quite exhilarating, especially when we’re dealing with cars. It seems like Lexus are getting more and more creative.

Nowadays, it’s not enough to build a real-life hoverboard for all those wannabe Marty McFlys out there. You need to keep enticing your fans, which is precisely what Lexus is after.

Their method involves being creative with the IS F and the RC 350 F Sport respectively, which definitely knows how to paint a pretty picture…pun definitely intended!

The RC 350 F Sport’s weapon of choice is its all-wheel drive system, which helps it scatter those colors very artistically, or at least that’s how it looks when you slow it down.

Visually, it’s nice, but practically it has very little to do with the car itself. In fact, one of the comments for this video is hilarious – you’ll realize which one.

The second video touches on the power of the IS F and its ability to launch baseballs into a mirror (in slow motion, of course). Again, it’s a great visual, but at the same time none of these videos are going to be directing anybody towards a Lexus dealership.



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